Rubina Faisal By Satya Paul Aanad

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اعصاب پہ عورت ہے سوار
Rubina Faisal

اعصاب پہ عورت ہے سوار

چند سالوں پہلے، ایک گوری لیڈی کونسلر سے، میری ٹم ہارٹنز (کافی شاپ) پر تفصیلی ملاقات ہو ئی۔ وہ نئی نئی کو نسلر منتخب ہو

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Rubina Faisal is an illustrious short story writer, novelist, political analyst, television anchor, and documentary producer from Toronto. She has hosted 250 episodes of her weekly television program from Rawal Tv (Mississauga). Her programmes have covered Pakistani and Canadian politics, the South Asian diaspora in Canada, human rights abuses globally and in the South Asian context, history, foreign policy, Afghanistan and Kashmir.