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Rubina Faisal is a philanthropist, writer/columnist, journalist, poet, screenwriter, film director and more. Every couple of years Rubina embarks on a new creative endeavor that continues to engage with her audience.

She has hosted 250 episodes of her weekly television program on Rawal TV (Mississauga). Her programmes have covered Pakistani and Canadian politics, the South Asian diaspora in Canada, human rights violations globally and in the South Asian context, history, foreign policy, special programs on Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Kashmir. She has done bold and groundbreaking programmes on purdah, marital issues, divorce, conflicts arising out of differing social values and social conflict. Dastak also covered issues central to Pakistan and its history – pre and post the country’s partition, blasphemy, world peace, gender discrimination, minority rights and state terrorism.She has interviewed several celebrities and political figures including Imran Khan, Usman Peerzada, Abrar Ul Haq, Lord Nazir, Aysha Jalal, Amjad Islam Amjad, Aftab Iqbal, Sahar Ansari, Mahmood Sham, Satya Pal Anand, Zafar Bangash, Asif Ali Pota Fauzia Qasuri and Dr. Tahir Ul Qadiri. The show has reached a large viewership across the world.

She has written hundreds of weekly political columns for Pakistan’s “NawaiWaqt.” Her columns traverse geographical boundaries from urban and rural Pakistan and India to issues faced by the South Asian community in Canada and North America. Her first book, a compilation of published columns, was published in June 2010, Roti Khati Moortiyan (Wheat-Eating-Caricatures) During this time, she was actively writing short stories and presenting them in several literary gatherings.

In March 2016, Rubina’s second publication of short stories, Khawab Say Lipti Kahanian (Tales From Dreams) was released. The book was launched in several major cities; Abu Dhabi, Lahore, Barcelona, Mississauga and Thorncliffe Ontario, and received critical acclaim in Pakistan, India, Canada, USA and Europe. These short stories showcased conflict from religion, social culture and domestic issues. The emotional and psychological fallout of these conflicts is shown through the well crafted characters in her stories.

  • A collection of Rubina’s free verse poetry was released in 2018 as “Aisa Zarrori to Nahee” (It Is Not Necessary).
  • Another book of her short stories “Gumshuda Saaiay” (Lost Shadows) was published in 2019.
  • Academy of letters of Pakistan asked Rubina Faisal to translate the stories of esteemed Canadian writers from English to Urdu in 2021, and published those translations under the title “Canada kee Kahanian” (Stories of Canada).

As of 2023 Rubina has published her first Novel “Narsai ” and has written and directed her first short film: “Kawwa “. Rubina has been recognized for her candid and expressive writing style. Her short stories boldly captivate a diverse audience in Canada and abroad, bringing to light many cultural and social issues impacting today’s South Asian/Muslim communities. Her stories have been described as profound, transcending deep into the hearts and minds of her characters as they live their seemingly normal lives. This nuanced depiction of everyday life, conveyed through her well crafted characters and situations, not only resonates emotionally with readers, but leaves them questioning what is right and what is wrong. The affect broad cultural and social issues have on everyday people and the nuanced look at morality is a central theme to the work of Rubina.

Rubina is the esteemed recipient of the 2016 Khalid Ahmad Award for her book, Khawab Say Lipti Kahanian.

Personal Information:
The author immigrated to Canada from Lahore Pakistan in 2000 and is the proud mother of four children. She was educated in Pakistan, completing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Hailey College, a BA from Punjab University in Journalism, Punjabi Literature and Persian. She then went on to complete a Master degree in English Literature from Forman Christian College Lahore while working as a bank officer. During her studies she successfully completed Diplomaed Associate of Pakistan Diploma. Rubina currently resides in Oakville Ontario with her husband and 4 kids. As she continues her work in literature and film she enjoys reading, gardening, going to the gym, and spending time with her family.

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