About Rubina

Rubina Faisal is an illustrious short story writer, novelist, political analyst, television anchor, and documentary producer from Toronto.

She has hosted 250 episodes of her weekly television program from Rawal Tv (Mississauga). Her programmes have covered Pakistani and Canadian politics, the South Asian diaspora in Canada, human rights abuses globally and in the South Asian context, history, foreign policy, Afghanistan and Kashmir. She has done bold and path breaking programs on purdah, marital issues, divorce, conflicts arising out of differing social values and social conflict.

Issues highlighted in Dastak also included Pakistan’s history – pre and post the country’s partition, blasphemy, world peace, gender discrimination, minority rights and state terrorism. Many important historical figures are discussed, including  Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Baghat Singh, Sir Ganga Ram, Amrita Pritam, Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, Karl Marx and Nelson Mandela. She has interviewed several celebrities including Dr. Tahir Ul Qadiri, Usman Peerzada, Abrar Ul Haq, Lord Nazir, Imran Khan, Aysha Jalal, Amjad Islam Amjad and Aftab Iqbal. She enjoys a  large viewership across the globe.

She has written more than 300 weekly political columns for Pakistan’s “Nawai Waqt.” Her columns traverse geographical boundaries from urban and rural Pakistan and India to issues faced by the South Asian community in Canada and North America.

Her first book, a compilation of published columns, was published in June 2010, Roti Khati Moortiyan or “wheat-eating-caricatures” During this time, she was actively writing short stories and participating in several literary gatherings, presenting her short stories in literary gatherings.

Rubina has been recognized for her candid and expressive writing style. Her short stories boldly captivate a diverse audience in Canada and abroad, touching the heart of cultural and social issues impacting today’s South Asian/Muslim communities. Her stories can be profound at times, transcending deep into hearts and minds of individuals as they live their seemingly normal day to day lives. This depiction of lives unspoken, conveyed through each character and situation, leaves readers with not only heightened emotions, but with questions as to what is right and wrong. The realization that each story can have many sides, and muddled rights and wrongs, deeply affects most readers.

In March 2016, Rubina’s second publication of short stories, Khawab Say Lipti Kahanian (Dream-entwined tales) was released. The book was launched in several major cities; Abu Dhabi, Lahore, Barcelona, Mississauga and Thorncliffe Ontario, and has won critical acclaim in Pakistan, India, Canada, USA and Europe. These short stories showcased conflict due to religion, social culture and household earning challenges. The fallout of these conflicts, both emotional and psychological, is quite evident through each character we meet in her stories. Rubina has also written free verse poetry to add to her writing collection, and her third book is ready for publication in the summer of 2018.

Rubina is the honoured recipient of the 2016 Khalid Ahmad Award for her book, Khawab Say Lipti Kahanian (Dream-entwined tales). This is a prestigious meritorious award where judges anonymously review and select a winning writing piece per category.

The author immigrated to Canada from Lahore Pakistan in 2000 and is the proud mother of four children She was educated in Pakistan, completing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Hailey College, a BA from Punjab University in  Journalism, Punjabi Literature and Persian. She then went on to complete a Master degree in English Literature from Forman Christian College Lahore.

Today, Rubina enjoys going to the gym, reading and spending as much time as she can with her family. Currently, Rubina resides in Mississauga, Canada. She is a devoted wife and a loving mother to her four children. Faisal Mahmood, her husband, is proud of her passion for writing and is a supportive companion.